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Air Defense Spray Foam provides Chicago with spray foam insulation solutions for home and commercial property owners with state-of-the-art spray foam insulation installation.  A highly-skilled Air Defense Spray Foam insulation application provides a superior, healthy indoor comfort and protection through our Chicago hot summers and cold winters while returning year-round monetary benefits unmatched by other insulation methods.

An application of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) will return the most economical operation and ease of management of your building's resources and systems and provide a key to a healthful environment by shielding your indoor environment from moisture, allergens, pollutants and airborne dirt infiltration.

As Chicago spray foam property owners know, there are three major distinctive benefit categories with Air Defense Spray Foam Installation, and they are so closely interrelated some benefits do category crossovers.

 · Cool Summers, Warm Winters  The superior insulation ability of an Air Defense Spray Foam Installation provides an R-value of 6.5 per inch, and its durability assures its full R-value for the life of your home or building. Fiberglass and cellulose are known to settle and harbor moisture, deteriorating their insulating capability.  
 · No drafts  Air Defense spray foam insulation seals every nook and cranny where it is applied, to eliminate drafts, stopping the unwanted, errant air movement between outdoors and indoors, which fiberglass and cellulose insulation cannot do.  
 · Noise reduction  Exterior sound waves are greatly reduced if not completely blocked. Noise from streets and all other ground-level are muted by SPF in walls and noise from aircraft and thunder are reduced by attic-installed Air Defense Spray Foam.

 · Moisture Barrier  Within the building structure moisture is double trouble, being a primary cause of building deterioration damage, and as a health risk as the trigger for mold growth. An Air Defense Spray Foam Installation provides a durable, absolutely impervious barrier against moisture.  In fact, SPF is classified a flood-resistant insulation material by U.S. government's FEMA, and other insulations are not.  Air Defense means providing a healthy environment by isolating your indoor living space from allergens and other airborne pollutants.  
 · Contaminate Barrier  No air passage equates to keeping your indoor environment cleaner and less suceptible to outdoor airborne materials like pollen, allergens and other pollutants and airborne dirt.  You provide a healthier living area and your building and air circulation system stay cleaner saving you time and money.  
 · Building Structure Strength  Both wall and roof decking strength are significantly increased with SPF installed.

Monetary Return  
 · Reduced Heating and Air-Conditioning Costs  Most homes and buildings with SPF achieve 30-40% reduction in HVAC operation costs.  
 · Property Value Increase  In two studies published in its The Appraisal Journal, Chicago's own Appraisal Institute® reported their finding that for every $1 saved in annual energy costs due to property improvements, the property value increased $20.

We at Air Defense Foam Spray Installation provide solutions to optimize your indoor environment.  We help you find the insulation package that meets your needs and fits your budget. Polyurethane foam is the ideal method for insulating commercial and residential buildings, providing an unmatched package of thermal insulation and additional benefits.

Please call or write us today to get started enhancing your indoor environment and conserving your assets with your Air Defense.